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What did the parents say about Alpine?

"What a REMARKABLE group of people! With all sincerity, you are true HEROES. My adult sons attended Catholic Schools and they always presented a Christmas Recital for parents and relatives to attend. It brought so much joy to watch the children on stage in unison singing, dancing, etc to the Christmas theme. But for our youngest son, Autism stole this joy from us, among many others, depriving him from any Christmas celebration. He regressed and became too sick physically and mentally for toys, trees, lights, music, etc. Our reality became saturated with ABA, Speech, OT, PT, Visual therapists; neurologists, immunologists, gastroenterologists; Special Diets, nutritional supplemental, nebulizers, enemas….nothing festive in our home. But today, thanks to the dedication of his ABA school’s music teacher, teachers, assistant teachers and administrators, at age 14 my son participated in the BEST Christmas performance of my life. It was magical to watch the children sing and/or play musical instruments in synchrony, harmony, regardless of variations in capacity, ability, talent, etc. It is pure joy to observe how if given the opportunity and support, these children on the spectrum do not have to be excluded from what the rest of us enjoy.  Each student’s unique contribution has left the most beautiful Christmas imprint in my heart, my mind and soul….. I am so grateful!"

"Jing, I am so impressed with what the school does, under your direction, to maximize the potential of all the students, independent of baseline.  Your love, expertise and dedication are the perfect ingredients to enable all the affected children a worthy quality of life: a dignified and participatory role in our community.  Thank you!"

"Thank you to all the teachers and helpers for an amazing year. You are all an answer to us. My son has learned to love school and learning and is so proud of everything he has accomplished. Words cannot possibly express the gratitude we have. You have changed his life forever and he couldn't be happier."

"Thank you for making a difference in my son’s life and education.  He is excited to go to school every day. We are very grateful for the progress he makes every day. Your work with him is truly appreciated."

"Thank you so much for all you have done for my son and for our family. He loves going to school every day and you’re the reason why! Just this week, his physical therapist was telling me how she has seen such a change in him ever since he started attending Alpine Academy. I don’t know where he’d be without you. It is easy to see how much you care for him and all your students."

"A year ago my son could not read…Today he can and continues to improve. A year ago his anxiety was so huge that he cried at the drop of a hat…Today he’s able to calm himself and focus. A year ago he hated school so much that he cried and said “No School!” our entire drive there…Today he loves to go to school with a smile on his face…A year ago he had no friends…Today he is learning to be more social with his peers. All of these accomplishments and many more have been possible because of your commitment and dedication."

"Thank you for being such amazing educators. We are forever grateful."

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful IEP meeting. Ever since my son came to this school, I know when I get the notice to attend IEP meeting it will be a very satisfying experience. Thank you for believing in my little boy's ability. He came a long way since he started this school, and I thank you each and every of you for that. Furthermore, I like to thank you for considering my wants for him as well, and taking time to explain things to me. I am looking forward to this wonderful year where my little boy will blossom into a smart big boy."