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Academic Tutoring

Alpine Academy’s certified teachers will provide tutoring to children with special needs to improve their academic skills such as reading, math and writing.

Reading Tutoring

Whether your child is just beginning to read or is currently struggling with reading at school, our reading clinic is designed to help! Alpine Academy makes reading fun and easy to learn and you will see improvement through our Reading Clinic.

Beginning Reading (Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade)

• Is your child ready to learn to read but you aren't sure how to teach him or her?

• Can your child read fluently but still having difficulty answering comprehension questions?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Beginning Reading Program is right for your child. Utilizing Language for Learning curricula, your child will learn:

1. The language to prepare students for both literal and inferential comprehension.

2. Phonemic awareness - the recognition that all words are made of separate sounds (phonemes).

3. Phonics - the ability to associate sounds with the specific letters or combinations of letters in written language.

4. Strategies to sound out the sequence of phonemes in a word and blend the sounds back together to read whole words.

Reading Intervention (Grades 3 through 8)

• Does your child read so inaccurately that he or she can't understand what was just read?

• Is your child below grade level for reading fluency, confusing words, and/or not reading at an adequate rate?

• Does your child lack important comprehension and reasoning skills?

If you answered yes to these questions, our reading intervention program is right for your child. Utilizing the Corrective Reading decoding and comprehension strands, your child will:

1. Increase his or her oral reading fluency.

2. Learn logic and reasoning skills to increase reading comprehension ability.

3. Feel successful and proud of his or her accomplishments.

4. Take program mastery tests to ensure content is mastered before moving on.