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Renowned for creating a positive and rewarding learning experience, Alpine Academy transforms children into motivated students empowered to “Aim High” and embrace a life-long journey of learning and accomplishment.

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Our Mission

Aiming High: At Alpine Academy, we work with you and your child by establishing mutually agreed upon individual educational goals, which are reviewed and revised quarterly. Students are placed at their individual instructional level and allowed to master skills as rapidly and frequently as they are able. Students advance only after solid mastery of prerequisite skills. We have high expectations for our students and spend extensive time with each student to ensure their skill development reaches its maximum potential.

Achieving: At Alpine Academy, we believe that every student can learn when provided with individualized and effective instruction. We ensure that students will be successful by selecting only evidence-based sequences of instruction and continuously measuring progress toward selected objectives. We constantly evaluate our teaching methods to ensure that the students are learning efficiently. We focus on creating a positive and rewarding learning experience, so the students enjoy learning and become motivated learners, as learning is a life-long journey.

Collaborating: At Alpine, parents are our most valuable educational partners. We provide individualized attention to each family’s specific needs to ensure skills learned in the classroom transition smoothly into each child’s home and daily lives. We understand the importance of parental involvement and actively work with parents to facilitate positive outcomes. Daily communication, monthly conferences, and progress reports keep parents apprised of their child’s progress and achievement.

Our Values

Alpine Academy is a school that above all else values PEOPLE.


Passion to Empower the Possible


Commitment to Quality

Outstanding Care

Delivering the best

Positive Attitude

Focusing on solutions rather than problems

Learn & Grow

Continuous improvement through learning & growing


High standards of integrity