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Partnering With Parents

A True Collaborative Relationship


Our parents are the school’s most important educational partners. Alpine’s team of highly qualified educators and behavior analysts collaborate with parents to help children reach their maximum potential. Studies show measurable gains when parents are actively engaged in their child’s education. The reinforcement provided at home enables students to reach goals faster, and acquire new skills and behaviors on a more sustainable basis.

Our parents can rest easy knowing their child is receiving an exceptional education taught by a dedicated, nurturing and highly qualified staff who truly have a passion for empowering the possible! Daily communication, monthly conferences and quarterly progress reports keep parents apprised of their child’s progress and achievement. The school also supports parents with events such as Parents Night Out where parents enjoy an evening “off duty” while their children participate in fun activities at the school.

This collaborative partnership between our parents and staff supports the entire family and helps ensure that high expectations are matched by outstanding achievement. As progress is made and goals are achieved, parents share in the pride and joy of their child’s accomplishments and the prospect of a brighter future.