Empowering Students to Aim High

Located in the greater Orlando area, Alpine Academy provides exceptional educational opportunities for students with unique learning needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, or children with other behavioral or emotional needs.

Our staff of highly qualified teachers and certified behavior analysts challenge, encourage, and educate students in a fun and nurturing learning environment. Small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios ensure that students benefit from individualized instruction and careful monitoring of their progress. Parents recognize that our staff is not only qualified, but also passionate about teaching and devoted to individual student progress.

Our school’s teaching strategies integrate the proven principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the most effective evidence-based instructional methods to provide a comprehensive, individualized curriculum for each student. Our programs are designed to improve academic skills such as reading, math, and writing as well as the communication, social, self-care, and self-management skills that enable successful, productive lives. A variety of school community events such as the annual Thanksgiving pot-luck, Spirit Week, and our annual family picnic inspire a sense of community and camaraderie, engender friendships, and helping students develop their social and communication skills.

Alpine Academy accepts Step UP FES-UA Scholarships and provides various affordability options. Click here for more information.

“My child’s [teachers] are the heart and soul of his behavioral/learning program.”

Who We Serve

We accept students from Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Maitland, Longwood, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Sanford, Kissimmee, Hunters Creek, Disney area, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, and all other Space Coast area, across Orange County, Seminole County, Brevard County, Volusia County, and Osceola County, Florida, USA.

Value Statement

Alpine Academy is a school that above all else values PEOPLE.

Passion – Passion to Empower the Possible

Excellence – Commitment to High Quality (Aiming High)

Outstanding Care – Delivering the best

Positive Attitude – Focus on solutions rather than problems

Learn and Grow – Continuous improvement through learning and growing

Ethical conduct – High standards of integrity

Why Alpine

  • A Focus on Individual Student Success
  • A Proven Teaching Approach — ABA
  • Three Distinct Educational Programs
  • Programs That Empower And Support Parents

Aiming High: At Alpine Academy, we work with you and your child by establishing mutually agreed upon individual educational goals, which are reviewed and revised quarterly. Students are placed at their individual instructional level and allowed to master skills as rapidly and frequently as they are able. Students advance only after solid mastery of prerequisite skills. We have high expectations for our students and spend extensive time with each student to ensure their skill development reaches its maximum potential.

Achieving: At Alpine Academy, we believe that every student can learn when provided with individualized and effective instruction. We ensure that students will be successful by selecting only evidence-based sequences of instruction and continuously measuring progress toward selected objectives. We constantly evaluate our teaching methods to ensure that the students are learning efficiently. We focus on creating a positive and rewarding learning experience, so the students enjoy learning and become motivated learners.

Collaborating: At Alpine, parents are our most valuable educational partners. We provide individualized attention to each family’s specific needs to ensure skills learned in the classroom transition smoothly into each child’s home and daily lives. We understand the importance of parental involvement and actively work with parents to facilitate positive outcomes. Daily communication, monthly conferences, and progress reports keep parents apprised of their child’s progress and achievement.

“They are always willing to go the extra mile”

The Right Methodology: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

A proven approach. A history of successful outcomes.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading, research-based methodology proven to bring about positive, meaningful change in behavior in individuals with autism and learning disabilities. ABA has been endorsed by state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Surgeon General. At Alpine Academy, educational programs based on the principals of ABA are used to address the developmental areas of needs such as communication, academic, and social skills that enable successful, productive lives. In the last twenty years there has been a dramatic increase in the use of ABA for not only autism, but also a wide variety of other developmental, learning, and behavioral difficulties in people of all ages.

Research has shown that early intervention is key — studies show children with autism who start intensive, one-to-one ABA therapy between the ages of 2 and 5 experience significant improvements in all areas of functioning.

The key to ABA strategies is teaching complex skills in small steps, each building to a level of mastery before moving on to the next. Positive reinforcement in both the educational and home setting motivates continual improvement. Progress is systematically tracked and evaluated to ensure that each new skill or behavior is successfully integrated into everyday life.

For more information visit: autismspeaks.org, autism-behavior-strategies.com

Jing Zhou, BCBA, Founder

“Thank you for running such a wonderful school. We are happy to have a place here.”

Message From Our Founder

Welcome to Alpine Academy! My name is Jing Zhou. I am the founder of Alpine Academy, and I’m thrilled that you have taken the time to learn more about us and all we have to offer to your child. Driven by the philosophy that all children can learn with the right instructional approach, Alpine Academy was established in 2007 to provide an exceptional education to children with unique behavioral or learning needs. Our small classroom setting and low student-to-teacher ratio allow our teachers to fully understand each child’s learning style. Our ambition is to always aim high and equip our students with the skills for a life-long journey of learning and accomplishment.

During my training in graduate school as a young behavior analyst 25 years ago, I discovered my passion for helping children with autism or other special needs. Since obtaining my Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy, I have worked with children with a variety of diagnoses and conditions in residential, school, home, and community settings. I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of being a part of the journey in these children’s growth. They taught me more than I could have ever imagined possible, including empathy, compassion, and resilience. It’s their inspiration that encouraged me to open Alpine Academy, a place where children can learn and grow with proven, effective teaching methods (ABA) in a nurturing and caring environment.

Our school is unique in the close relationship we maintain with our students and their families. We allow our students to progress at their pace while challenging and supporting them to achieve their maximum potential. The partnership between the school and home is vital to the success of our program and we rely on strong communication and collaboration to accomplish this. Our parents rest easy knowing that their children are receiving an exceptional education taught by dedicated, nurturing, and highly qualified staff who share the same passion as I do for helping children achieve and learn.

This website is an extension of our school community and a great place to start learning about Alpine Academy. I hope the information here will give you a glimpse of our mission, goals, and life at Alpine Academy. Nothing, however, takes the place of a personal visit. Please accept my personal invitation to call and make an appointment for a tour so you can see for yourself our beautiful facility, bright and cheerful classrooms, our various curriculum programs, and experience our school in action. I’m incredibly proud of the work done at our school, and I look forward to meeting you and showing you all our school has to offer!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ms. Audrey
School Director
Mr. Michael
Curriculum Specialist of Social Academic Program
Ms. Emily
Curriculum Specialist of the Language and learning and Applied Academic Program
Ms. Erin
School BCBA
Ms. Quanae
HR Office Manager

Meet Our Classroom Staff

Language and Learning Program

Room 7

Ms. Noemi

Room 8

Ms. Aisha
Ms. Marcia

Social Academic Program

Rooms 1 & 4

Ms. Brittany
Ms. Asheton

Room 2

Ms. Meaghan
Ms. Janette

Room 3

Mr. OShea
Ms. Janette

Room 13

Mr. Connor
Mr. Andrew

Room 15

Ms. Macarena
Mr. Andrew

Applied Academic Program

Rooms 9 & 12

Ms. Nicole
Ms. Tyquilla

Room 10

Ms. Ivy
Ms. Natalia

Room 11

Mr. Alex
Ms. Sierra

Room 5

Ms. Carol