We specialize in providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to children with autism, PDD or other developmental disabilities, as well as children with behavioral difficulties.

We have several different programs for different needs. We have a behavioral service department and a private school. Through the behavioral service department, we provide home and community-based services as well as clinic-based services. The therapist can work with your child 1:1 while providing parent or caregiver training. We can provide the services in the settings where your child needs them the most such as at home, at his or her school and in the community. Your child can also come to our clinic for 1:1 therapy. At our clinic, we also offer social and play skills groups. The focus of the social skills training program is to teach social interaction and communication.

Our school is a full-time school using ABA as the teaching method. We use a verbal behavior approach with a focus on teaching language and other beginning learner skills (learn how to learn). We work on language, cognitive, academic, social skills, self-care, and motor skills. Our main curriculum is ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) and we also use other curriculums such as Reading Mastery, Touch Math, etc. Each student has an individual education plan that addresses his/her unique needs.